Yikes! It's been far too long since I've updated here. My apologies - things came up IRL suddenly after Christmas.

I haven't forgotten about this restoration project, however, and here's proof! I've uploaded the entire Guides/FAQ section to The Blue Planet. Nothing screams 1992 like a bunch of ASCII art and .txt file Game FAQs, am I right? And these legit came straight out of the 1990s! I've left everything in tact on this page, including the old contact information (which I can't promise is still relevant). And all of the text files are the originals.

Also included is a link to the translated Japanese guide, Final Fantasy IV Settei Shiryou Hen by RACapowski!

Not bad for a first update!


Merry Christmas Eve!

I was a busy bee yesterday, rearranging the organization of the landing page of this site. I added 88x31 buttons, a guestbook with the old animated quill-book gif I used to use, and topped it off with a sparkle trail on the mouse (which won't carry over to the rest of the site).

I also fixed up the landing page for the Fan Archives section and updated the graphics to higher quality images for the menu and the border. None of the links are working yet, but this will be the first section I restore, bit by bit.


I've only just discovered Neocities. My first thought: restore my old Final Fantasy IV fan site that I used to run from 1999-2007ish. Actually, this site is still up and running today, but it's taken the form of a WordPress CMS rather than a hand-coded site of yore.

And so, I dug up all my old site backups - yes, I saved my old HTML coding from 20 years ago - and am beginning to cobble together a page that used to exist under the name Sygnus Star/Sygnus.org.

Not everything is here yet. Most links don't work. I'll be adding to this over time and posting updates as I go!